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Accounting Office

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About the Office

(A) Starting in 2009, the university established the University of Taipei University Affairs Development Fund in accordance with the Regulations on the Self-Administration and Management of Funds and Expenses/Revenues for University Affairs Development of the University of Taipei to ensure the healthy development of the university and conduce an effective use of educational funds. (B) The Accounting Office complies with the supervision and guidance of its superior authority, the Accounting and Statistics Office, in addition to the guidance of the university president in its handling of accounting, statistics, and budgeting affairs in compliance with the law.



In creating a quality environment for education and study, the center relies on its subordinate sections, the Educational Technology and Study Guidance Section and the Professional Educator Development Section, to provide teacher assessment, diverse education for students, reformation of university curricula, and benchmarks for study objectives. In addition, it works for the development of quality education and the accumulation of educational resources in order to give its faculty and students a great environment for education and study. Such work is ultimately for the educational development, innovation, and excellence of the university as a whole. The center also provides its students with study consultation services that help them maintain interest and efficiency in their studies.


As the promoter of the university’s mid-to-long-term prospects, the center focuses on continuing the education of instructors and promoting the proper use of the university’s geographical advantages: namely that it is located in Taipei, the center of government for Taiwan and an urban nexus of international concourse, culture and innovation, and technology. Through rigorous evaluation the center looks to improve our student’s ability in study and make curricula and education more effective. Furthermore we hope to make use of the mechanisms, fields, specialists, and events in our various plans to make substantive progress in our mid-to-long-term development plan for the university. Our plan will allow the campus to move to a more research-oriented model that supplies excellent researchers and educators, community services, academic-industry cooperation, and, ultimately, become one of the top 500 urban universities in the world.